December 2005 Does A Tiger Wear A Necktie? by Don Peterson
Directed by Jonathan (JB) Butler
August 2005 Geneva by A.B. Lugo
Directed by Cynthia Granville
May 2005 An Honest Gringo (Auto-Destruct) by Jeff Wanshel
Directed by Alexandra Gulino
December 2004 Kliene Nissin written and directed by Aaron Bogad
September 2004 MUÑECA written and directed by Christina Soto
July 2004 Interrogation #2 by Mark SaFrank
  Directed by Meryl Tanne
April 2004 Ampersand by Mark Bazzone
  Directed by Mikaela Kafka
April 2003 MARTINÉZ by Leopoldo M. Hernandez
  Directed by Adrian Rodriguez
February 2003 La bicicleta al pie de la muralla by Alvaro Menen Desleal
  Directed by Elmer Salmeron