Ray Russell was born in the Bronx in the mid 1980s and has spent the majority of his young adult life working with his preferred medium, film. He got his start as a production assistant at the age of 13 and academically studied analytic film criticism and film production while at SUNY Purchase; where he maintained honors grades.  While a student at SUNY Purchase, he created and hosted Film Time with Ray, which is the longest running, student produced, show in the History of College Television. Mr. Russell made over 135 episodes between 2005-2010.  He presently produces and hosts Film Time as a web series that focuses on satire, straight film criticism and documentary episodes revolving around contemporary events in and around NYC.

Ray has also  worked on Major and Independent film. Most notably, 2015's Beast of no Nation. In addition, he was one of the main curators and editors of Movie Pop for Freshplanet.com, which premiered as the number one downloaded app on iTunes upon its  release in December of 2013. Mr. Russell is presently awaiting to attend master classes to obtain a graduate degree in film and media studies.

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